More Fans of RC Racing Find That Rally Cars Are the Best Bet

Radio controlled (RC) cars are a lot of fun to own, and some of them do not require paved space at all. The top rc rally cars are just as happy heading off road as they are driving around in circles on asphalt. A quick look at some of the best sellers rated and reviewed at will make it clear that rally cars make for a great way to enjoy the RC hobby.

Little RC Cars Ready to Handle All Types of Terrain

As anyone who has ever seen a full-scale rally race will agree, there are few sports that are more exciting. Professional rally drivers race at speeds of up to a hundred miles per hour over rough roads that put them right next to boulders, trees, and cliffs.

Owners of radio-controlled rally cars can experience the same kinds of thrills but at much smaller scales. Some of the custom rc cars that are ready for rally driving and are most popular at the moment are:

Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale. The Lancia Delta Integrale is probably the single most famous classic rally car of all. Its angular look belies a well-rounded package that secured many race wins and numerous world championships. Tamiya is a highly regarded maker of RC cars and other favorites of hobbyists, and the company has done the renowned Lancia justice in this case. Although a fairly high-end car in terms of price and performance, Tamiya's take on the Delta Integrale is tractable enough for RC beginners to handle. In fact, there are few better ways to get started with the hobby while allowing for plenty of room for growth.

Kyosho Subaru Impreza. Car maker Subaru's production vehicles are popular with drivers all over the world who must regularly deal with inclement weather. That makes the same cars natural fits for rally racing, once they have been upgraded appropriately. The Subaru Impreza, in fact, is one of the winningest rally cars of all. Kyosho's scaled-down RC version of the Impreza is a versatile but highly capable little machine.

Many More Exciting Rally Cars Await RC Enthusiasts

These are only a couple of the rally cars that RC fans most often buy and enjoy owning. With there being many more options to consider, there should never be a need to find an open piece of pavement upon which to have fun. Rally cars that are remotely controlled by radio make for some of the most enjoyable driving of all.